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16 Inches 

Date: July 9th 1988 (21:00-) 

Location: Studio Orensanz 172 Norfolkstraat NYC USA

Members: Performers: Monique van Kerkhof, Paolo Accardp, Norris Chumley, Annette Cocheret, Mayara Fagundes, Heather Fenby,

                                        Sefa Jorques, Chitoshi-M, Rob Oudendijk, Kyoko Saka, Yoko Sugimoto, Ton Smith, Jack Vengrow and Chris Zatamei

                  Lighting: Rosio Infente

                  Camera: Ron Kienhuis 

                  Supporter: Sabine, Keiko Tsuno, Akiko and Lidwien Hendrix 

Description: We are born under the yellow sun of the African plains, grew up in the ice age, and went on to declare our independence of the                               nature. Inside ur glass-wall cities we decreed perpetual springtime for up and our computers. Only it appears that we may have                             been too hasty: watching 13 million acres crumble to dust, we are reminded the none of us is ever really farther from nature than                         his next meal. (Newsweek July 11 1988) 

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Flyer: 16 Inches Dance Performance  

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