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Date:   November 18th 2006 (11:00-1400) 

Location: The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, Kasukabe, Saitama, JP 

Members: Participants: Executive General Producer: Monique van Kerkhof

                                         Executive Technical Producer: Toshihiro Yatsumonji 

                                         Stage Technical Manager: Masayuki Matsumura

                                         Assistant Stage Manager: Ayaka Takura, Nie Oudendijk 

                                         Administrator: Junichi Matsumoto 

                                         Coordinators: Ryouji Shimada, Suzi Suzuki, Koki Harada 

                                         Translators: Hidemi Izumaida, Ryouji Shimada, Ryoko Motai,

                                                             Kazako Shimegi (lyrics) and Fumie Matsumoto 

       Performers: Choreographer: Monique van Kerkhof 

       Dancers: Eri Matsuzaki, Atsuko Hirota, Taiju Matsumoto, Takuji Ito,

        Bo Oudendijk, Monique van Kerkhof, Yurika Seta

                       and Milou Nuyens

       Young Dancers: Zowi Oudendijk, Kazuki Kobayashi, Yuki Kobayashi,

                                   Genki Kobayashi, Hiroki Yokokawa, Momoko Fukuda,

                                   and Nie Oudendijk 

       Noh Player: Naohiko Umewaka 

       Saxophone: Nie Oudendijk 

       Clarinet: Masayasu Hanai 

       Vocal/Text/Lyrics/Music: Monique van Kerkhof 

       Percussionist: Miho Morimoto 

      Technicians: Engineer/Technician: Rob Oudendijk  

       Sound Advisor: Seigen Ono 

       Sound Engineers: masahiro Niimi, Hironori Yatsumonji and Hiro Iguchi

       Video Projector: Atsushi Suzuki 

       Computer Graphics: Monique van Kerkhof and Rob Oudendijk 

       Custume Design: Rikako Nakamura, Mitsuhashi, Monique van Kerkhof 

                                     and Julie Forchhammer 

       Costume Makers: Hiromi Watanabe, Yoshiko Izumi, Els Brandt, Naoki Ishii, Sawako Kurebayashi, Julie Forchhammer 

       Fabric for Costumers: Teijin Morphotex 

       Cameraman: Michael Goldberg, Jeff Cooke and Toby Marshall 

       Artist wildflower carver: Haruo Uchiyama 

       Waterhose Installation: Monique van Kerkhof and Rob Oudendijk 

       Fire Department of Abiko: Hanashima Hiroshi, Kawamura Yoshiharu and Hideki Katsuya 

       Carpenters: Kennichi Oigawa's Family and Friends

      Volunteers: Tama University: Masashi Mitomi, Ayano Endo, Syouko Honda and Yasuhiro Ooki 

     Tokyo University of Science: Yuta Fukuda, Ai Kawakami, Takumi Iwata, Shinya Furuchi, Kenta Yamagi, Yoshiyasu Morita,                                                           Akinori Maeda, Makoto Usami and Katuhiko Ueta

Description: The concept is to design a restricted field of vision in which the peripheral is limited. Only objects directly in line with the eyes can                           be seen, creating a series of segmented views. For this performance, the diagonal lines are important markers, since the diagonal                         paths at the performance space guide the audience's eyes to one particular perspective where one particular movement is to be                             seen.


tunnel skating for goto
DVD water insidefin
tunnel rehearsal 1

Video :  Official video of  Performance Tunnelvison Part 1

Video :  Official Video of Performance Tunnelvison Part 2 

Flyer:  Tunnelvison Performance 

Layout: Performance Layout of

Tunnel Vision 

An Overflow Performance Project

Outer Discharge Channel

“Tunnel Vision”

Producer/Director Monique van Kerkhof

記事: 読売新聞


記事:  Video Journal 




Darkness Before Dawn 


The Rivers between 

the invisible mountains 

and the obscure sea.

It rained continuously.

Lost in the storm of intensity 

Icy winds and brutal waves.

Rattling peddles

The river of change.

Restless being.

Drags me down.

Moving along. 

Moving against.

I could feel the tide of life 

flow through me in lengthening waves.

End up in still waters. 

The rain drips. 

I sank into a misty world 

realizing I was the river. 

My own blood, my life.

Now I open my eyes. 

My life spread out. 

And see forever a human vision. 

Is there light at the end of this tunnel? 

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