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Two Times Twice 


Exhibition: 6th to 12th of February 2012, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Sunday to 5 p.m.)

Reception: Wednesday, 8th of February 2012, lobby from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m


Foyer of the OAG, OAG Haus in Tokyo (German East Asiatic Society)


Dancers: Monique van Kerkhof and Nie Oudendijk 

Techinical Supporter: Zowi Oudendijk 

Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance
Two Times Two Performance

Article: Two Times Twice: An exhibition by Monique van Kerkhof

Metropolis Art &  Entertainment 

Design:  Facial Expression

Flyer:  Two Times Twice Peformance 

Flyer:  Two Times Twice Notification in Germen

Two Times Twice 


An interior vision, an open book 

and an idea of a general design.

To express the universe


Light creeps through the paraffin disks

In every corner

In which there is no escape


Light is a smile, it belongs to no one,

It belongs to me, it belongs to you,

Diamond shapes displayed.

The heart diamond is connected,

by the union of two.

There is a metaphysical dance

By which each supports the other.


My daughters name is Nie

Means number two in Japanese

She works as a model here in Tokyo.

Smiling sweet in front of the camera.

She smiles with her mouth tight shut.


Her second side, call it a face book

No attempt to conceal her frame of mind.

So revealing, an open book.


I can scarcely imagine myself 

in these images.

I’m out of the picture and proud of her.


No one will take from you

The thing that you are.

You can tell that when you recall

Seeing your face in the mirror.


Two Times Twice

By putting your minds together,

you have a mind that’s larger.

larger than the two combined.

For a co-operative universe

instead of a competitive universe.


If you put two together.

You don't have one and one plus two,

You’ve got two times two times two, 

it cubes itself.


I explain her strength.

She is tough on me.

I am rolling from one world 

end into another.

I call it my two rooms.

She let me out and in.

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