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Seeing art as an integrated part of my life and the emphasis, being not only on the medium of presentation but on the essence of art. I try to achieve the best accomplishment by choosing the most suitable medium and to find different ‘roads’ to express my ideas. 

Monique van Kerkhof was born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Most of her youth she lived in Maastricht, she moved to Amsterdam at an age of eighteen. She left for Spain, 22 yrs. old to study Spanish and continuing dancing in Barcelona at ‘La Fabrica’. In 1985 she moved to New York City studying at the ‘Alvin Nikolais Dance School’ and at the ‘Merce Cunningham Studio’ (She received a scholarship from Merce Cunningham) 


In New York, Monique’s professional Decoration/Floral Design experience continued. She worked 5 years for Preston Bailey Design Inc. and for Bill Ash from Interior Design Magazine. 

She moved to Japan in 1990, worked 14 years for a Japanese production company: Bird Land as a (computer graphic) designer, in the meantime she produced performances, installations, projection/video art and exhibitions at unique architectural locations as:

* A multimedia art project at world biggest underground construction space ‘Gaigaku Housuiro; ‘Tunnel Vision` broadcast on News NHK

* Art Performance Project at the United Nation University; ‘Seeing the World Through Different Eyes`

* A Modern Opera in a reservoir in Abiko; ‘Concrete water`

In Tokyo 2002, Monique started her own company MONDESIGN as a cultural entrepreneur in visual and performing arts.


After 30 years living abroad, Monique moved back to the Netherlands in 2012 and continue her work in performances and film.

Her recent performances: 

Museum night 2022, 2017 & 2016 at the Dominican Bookstore 

Film Performance Installation Dak ‘Art Biennale 2022, National Theater Sorano, Dakar

And Art Village Ngaparou, Thies, Senegal

Theater at the Vrijthof Theater, Jubilee 2017

Water Tower Schimmert, IBA Parkstad 2016

A2 Tunnel performance 2016 and shows in Chengdu and Beijing, China

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Facebook: mmondesign 
Linkedin: Monique van Kerkhof
Youtube: Monique van Kerkhof 
Vimeo: mondesign
Instagram: mmondesign
KVK: 65951166
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