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Later is Nu? Performance Archived

Later Is Nu?

Choreographer Monique van Kerkhof will put on two beautiful performances again this year. You’re sure to be amazed and inspired in the temporary space between now and later. Is later now? Are we paying it forward? Warmth, affection, understanding, love, and, of course, the book? The Dominicanen church and its beautiful attributes will once again serve as the stunning backdrop.

Date: 2017 April 7 10:00PM & 00:15AM

Location: Entre Deux, Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 CZ Maastricht, The Netherlands

Members: Dancers: Bo Oudendijk, Kenzo Kusuda, Eva Lucia Dekkers,

Naomi white, Nie Oudendijk

Badminton players: Michiel van der Put, Suchika Kumar,

Vasily Pieters, Zhengqui Chen

Voice: Monique van Kerkhof

Saxophone/ Voice: Vanesa Diaz Gill

Percussion/ Drum: André Breidlid

Costume Maker: Olga Morekhodtseva

Design/ Choreography/ Text: Monique van Kerkhof

All Max Decor

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