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Follow Me Down Again Performance

Choreographer Monique van Kerkhof will work with dancers, singers, musicians and acrobats, two brilliant performances on the theme of Icarus. Icarus learned to fly from his father Daedalus, but Icarus fell and he died. His story is a symbol of our society. We also want to fly higher. Everything must go faster, further and better and thus we lose the contact with ourselves and others. We come in the situation that Elliot sketched: 'Hell is where nobody and nothing connects'? We realize that we always will have to fall to come closer to ourselves and in this performance very LITERALLY ... (mind your head!)

Date: April 15th 2016. Starts from 20:00 and 22:00

Location: Boekhandel Dominicanen, Dominicaner-kerkstraat 1, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Members: Dancers : Anouk Habets, Marika Meoli, Nie Oudendijk, Simon Bus, Zowi Oudendijk

Acrobat: Bo Oudendijk

Performers: Boris Pieters, Husam Salamah, Johnny Grady

Singers: Isabel Bermejo, Monique van Kerkhof

Drummer: John Wolters

Percussionist: Kyohei Sugihara

Video Projection: Bo Oudendijk, Monique van Kerkhof

Costumes: Maddy Dassen, Monique van Kerkhof, Olga Morekhodtseva

Concept/ Director: Monique van Kerkhof

Survival all: Berty Vrijens, Bart Vrancken

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