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New Video Art 'Follow Me Down Again'

Year: 2018

Location: Maastricht, NL

Length: 5:43 min


Film by : Monique van Kerkhof Editor : Bo oudendijk & Monique van Kerkhof Video : Houtvideo / LINK

Video Mobile : Zowi Oudendijk

Art /Dance Film by Monique van Kerkhof, Follow Me Down Again, produced by MONDESIGN Based on the story of Icarus and 'Hell is the place where nothing connects'.T.S. Eliot. Icarus learned to fly from his father Daedalus, but Icarus fell and he died. His story is a symbol of our society. We also want to fly higher. Everything must go faster, further and better and thus we lose the contact with ourselves and others. We come in the situation that Elliot sketched: 'Hell is where nobody and nothing connects'. We realize that we always will have to fall to come closer to ourselves. It is buffeted by the ups and downs of life. The true self isn't centred on the demands of ego but on higher values: love, truth, creativity, compassion. My own learning experience, I look for interesting connections between things (books) and to feel, share with others. Separation is at an end called: NOTHING.

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